What B2C Marketers Can Learn from B2B

If your B2C company is just thinking about your consumer, then you could be missing out.

Here’s the fix:

Audio“One of the things that I think is important that a lot of B2C brands don’t really take into account is the B2B environment. Most B2C brands have some form of retailer, could be an online retailer, could be a bricks and mortar retailer, and so I think one of the things, if you’re a B2C brand, don’t just think about my consumer, but think about, do I actually have a strategy and a distinctive brand and distinctive brand promise, with the B2B? So that could be a distributor, could be the retailer. So if you’re B2C, make sure that you have done all of your work with the consumer of course, but also do your work with your B2B customer, because if you have a winning value proposition with both, you’re going to see significant upside in your earnings.”

One thought on “What B2C Marketers Can Learn from B2B

  1. I completely agree. Being aware of your B2B value prop is especially important if your B2C brand doesn’t have the brand strength or the advertising dollars to create enough consumer pull to get the product off the shelf or placed in the cart. In the B2C world there are 15 to 20 B2B buyers that determine if your product or product line line has a winning value prop for B2C.

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