Four Key Traits of Good Leaders

Good leaders don’t put off until tomorrow decisions they can make today. More on that, and the other key qualities that good leaders share.

Read more about the importance of being “others-focused”.

Audio: “I think one of the things we hear from employees and other good leaders is that they’re decisive. Is that it’s unfair to your employee population if you’re not decisive, if you’re always saying let’s have another meeting, let’s think about it a little bit longer, is that, that is probably one of the biggest things that disengages employees.

“I think another one is transparency. And it’s a bit of an overused word, but I like to think of it maybe around sincerity, is, are you sincere in your motives, or do I always have to think about, what are you actually thinking. I know you’re saying one thing, but do I need to look a little bit deeper into your brain and so, be transparent about your motives, and what you really want to accomplish, and ultimately why.

“I also think another trait of good leaders is that they’re others focused. Is that they’re not self-focused. Is do you come to work everyday thinking about others, and their motivation, and how do I help them to be successful. And that is a critical element, because if it’s all about what I need to accomplish and my key performance indicators, uh, that obviously that’s a self-centered leaders and others ultimately are going to say it’s all about him and not about me.

“And then I would say the last is, and I link this to good leaders who live generously, is that they’re generous with their time and their talent, it’s not just about you know, anybody can write a check. But good leaders who live generously spend time with their employee base making them better, they invest time.”

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