Great Leaders Tame Their Inner Critic

I’m not a naturally sunny person. In fact, I’m partly cloudy on the best of days. But I believe it is important for a great leader to spread positivity. Here’s why:

Audio: “One of the things that I’ve learned from talking to and examining other good leaders is they tend to exude positivity. And that isn’t necessarily my DNA, it’s not always been my predisposition. I tend to be more of a constructive criticizer, I’ll put it that way. So always looking for the things that can be done better versus the things that are going really well. And that served me well, you know, over time. Because you find the things that need to be fixed, and when you fix them, generally good things happen. But, I think that you get more out of employees when you accentuate the things that are going well, the things that they do well, and you tend to get a much better and higher energy from them and higher engagement.”

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