Take the Fifty Percent Leadership Challenge!

Great leaders are great coaches. Are you spending enough time coaching your employees?

Read more about strategies that great leaders use to get the most out of people.

Have you had a leader that put a bounce in your step? I want to hear about it!

Audio: “I always throw out there the fifty percent challenge, are you spending fifty percent of your time with your employees? And the benefits of that are just like any other investment, you’re investing time in making them better, it’s the old adage right, of teach somebody how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime, and I think if you invest in the coaching and the training, after you’ve hired of course great quality people, they’re going to take that coaching and the training, and they are just going to perform at a much higher level, then what they maybe normally would do otherwise.

“The other is, is that they’ll see that you’ve invested in them, that you’re others focused, that you actually care about them, and then their engagement, and their energy will be so much higher, because they have the bounce in their step that they’re getting better at their job, that you’re preparing them to be better at their job, and they’re seeing the results of the coaching and training, and actually getting better results when they do it themselves, you’re going to get better retention, like I said, higher performing people because of the energy and the engagement, and guess what, you’ll have to actually over the lifetime spend less time with them, because now you’ve created much, much stronger leaders and employees.”

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