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Good Leadership Pays

Good leadership is more than the “right thing to do”. Goodness pays! Here is more on why good leadership matters today. Tell me more about any benefits you’ve seen from good leadership in your group. Good leadership is more than the “right thing to do”. Goodness pays! Audio: “I always think of four cornerstones of good… Read More

Four Key Traits of Good Leaders

Good leaders don’t put off until tomorrow decisions they can make today. More on that, and the other key qualities that good leaders share. Read more about the importance of being “others-focused”. Audio: “I think one of the things we hear from employees and other good leaders is that they’re decisive. Is that it’s unfair… Read More

Take the Fifty Percent Leadership Challenge!

Great leaders are great coaches. Are you spending enough time coaching your employees? Read more about strategies that great leaders use to get the most out of people. Have you had a leader that put a bounce in your step? I want to hear about it! Audio: “I always throw out there the fifty percent challenge,… Read More

Great Leaders Tame Their Inner Critic

I’m not a naturally sunny person. In fact, I’m partly cloudy on the best of days. But I believe it is important for a great leader to spread positivity. Here’s why: Audio: “One of the things that I’ve learned from talking to and examining other good leaders is they tend to exude positivity. And that isn’t… Read More

Batman in the Boardroom

Superhero leaders are overrated. Read more about how to truly champion your employees.   Audio: “What inspires me is when I see really good leaders who are able to motivate high quality people, who are leading their businesses so that they don’t have to do everything. It’s easy to find kind of the super hero leader,… Read More

Great Leaders Follow the Platinum Rule

Three strategies great leaders use to help employees overachieve You may be “connected” with them on LinkedIn or chat with them at the office party, but do you really know your employees? Leaders who truly get to know the interests, needs and motivations of their employees will energize their organization. More importantly, they’ll create other… Read More

The Road to “thrive”: A Cargill Case Study

I recently participated in an event hosted by the Association of National Advertisers in which I presented Cargill’s brand journey. I discussed the challenges and lessons learned while establishing a singular global brand expression – our first – for a 150-year old global company. Here are the slides from our discussion. Hillen ANA Deck V8 from Paul Hillen

What B2C Marketers Can Learn from B2B

If your B2C company is just thinking about your consumer, then you could be missing out. Here’s the fix: Audio: “One of the things that I think is important that a lot of B2C brands don’t really take into account is the B2B environment. Most B2C brands have some form of retailer, could be an online retailer,… Read More