Great Leaders Follow the Platinum Rule

Three strategies great leaders use to help employees overachieve You may be “connected” with them on LinkedIn or chat with them at the office party, but do you really know your employees? Leaders who truly get to know the interests, needs and motivations of their employees will energize their organization. More importantly, they’ll create other… Read More

The Key Question to Ask Naysayers

Your colleagues may have good reasons for why they don’t immediately support a new idea. Here’s a question to ask that will help sharpen the plan and bring your organization along. Audio: “I think one of the most critical things in any organization, when you’re trying to create a consistent global brand is that you must… Read More

Don Draper was a Jerk: Why Good Leadership Matters Today

“Mad Men” is over and you’re not likely to see a rerun in today’s office environment. It’s not only the tipsy lunches and antiquated gender politics that have changed. A more inclusive style where leaders manage from the bottom up is gaining prominence. There is a strong business reason for this: you want to attract… Read More